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Ales and Cider specialists birmingham


Ales.r.russ opened in September 2010 Stephen and Stuart have expanded year on year the brand new depot has 2000sq meters of floor pace and a refrigerated cooler room to keep all our  beers in optimum condition.Our drivers have the training to rack and tap your delivery if you require, Stuart gained this experience brewing and delivering with various small brewers

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Ales.r.russ is proud to be a specialist cask ale and cider wholesalers which combines great service and detailed product knowledge,Our cask ales are mainly from Small/Medium brewers over the years we are incredibly proud of its relationship with suppliers and customers,and have got to know owners and brewers by name and most have now become friends. A lot of the brewers have given us there  Ales unique to us in out selling area.

Ales and Cider specialists birmingham
APA - 4.5%


BIG CHIEF - 5.5%


blonde - 4.0%

ludlow brewery

independance - 4.6%

bristol beer facyory

snowdonia - 3.6

purple moose