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Ales and Cider specialists birmingham


Stephen and Stuart Russell opened Ales R Russ in 2010 and expanded year on year.Their brand new depot has 2000sq metres of space with a refrigerated cooler room to keep all beers in optimum condition.

Stuart gained this experience brewing and delivering with various small brewers and delivery drivers have been trained to rack and tap the real ales if required.They distribute in Staffordshire, The Black Country and West Midlands extending to Nottinghamshire and Leicestershire on a regular basis


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Ales R Russ are proud to be a specialist cask ale and cider wholesaler that combine great service with detailed product knowledge.Their cask ales are sourced from a wide choice of brewers with whom they have built long term relationships. Many of them now have given exclusivity for their real ales in specific areas serviced by Ales R Russ.

The Ales R Russ ranges include core products available at all times and a rotation of real ales from other breweries which ensures there is always something new in the Guest Ale lists.Ciders are treated similarly and often exclusive to Ales R Russ who also produce unique fruit blends themselves

Ales and Cider specialists birmingham
APA - 4.5%


blonde - 4.0%

ludlow brewery

independance - 4.6%

bristol beer facyory

snowdonia - 3.6

purple moose